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Enjoyment Coupon Books

How it Works

The Enjoyment Book contains several hundred coupons worth thousands of dollars. Most of the coupons in the book are good for a free dinner or other item with the purchase of a second. The services section contains coupons for auto service and dry cleaning which entitle you to service at 50% off the regular price. The coupons are good until November 1, 2021 and you can save up to 50% on almost everything. Two can have dinner at a fine restaurant and only pay for one. Two people can play a round of golf and only pay for one. Have your dry cleaning and auto service done for half price.

Use just a few coupons and you save the cost of the entire book. All together there are thousands of dollars worth of coupons for fun, food, and services. You may not use them all, but everyone will save many times the price of the book. To see the complete line-up of participants and sample coupons, click on the "Flip Thru the Pages of This Book" button on each book product page.

The Enjoyment Book also makes a great gift, so don’t forget to buy extras for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list!